About Us

Back Story

 'I started Lava XX in 2020 after making my own jewellery items to wear for myself. I always found buying jewellery online a little frustrating, because some websites don't even describe the product measurements. I was often disappointed when my new jewellery arrived and it just didn't fit the way I expected it to.

When i began making my own jewellery I got loads of compliments & so I decided to share my creations with the world! I created Lava XX with the following values:

  • Accurate descriptions & measurements
  • Multiple sizing & customization options
  • High Quality Peices at affordable prices
  • Handmade & created in the UK

I want you to feel special when you receive your Lava order because everyone deserves to feel worthy & beautiful inside & out. 



'Right now, I'm inspired by all things 90's & Y2K with a bit of anime fairy dust sprinkled on top! I love the vibrant colours & nostalgic vibes of 90s fashion. My inspiration comes from many random things but mainly music, movies & TV shows. One of my favourite shows being Stranger Things. I love the early 2K movies like White Chicks, Bring It On & Mean Girls. The last TV show I watched was a French series on Netflix called 7 Lives of Lea, I loved it, totally recommended it & it's major 90s vibes!

Watch this space for more 90s inspired Lava accessories'.



Check out our Pinterest for more inspo! 


Values & Commitments 


We are fully committed to proudly showing our support to the Black Lives Matter movement. We believe actions speak louder than words & therefor we will not be posting any BLM content on social media. We want to ensure we are actively taking steps to create an equal and inclusive environment for everyone in support for BLM. Currently Lava XX does not have employees as we are a small independent business. The majority of our images used on our website and social media platforms are modeled by the founder. However, as we grow, as a business, it will be one of our top priorities to show diversity within our brand; through product images, marketing and all other business aspects.


Environmental commitments 

We source as many material as ethically as we can. We have created a Vintage collection created from unwanted silver pendants & dead stock, this is what makes these items extra special as you can be assured that each product is unique and one of a kind which won't be re-stocked. Each pre-owned pendant tells a story through it's natural imperfections creating that cool vintage feel. All recycled materials are cleaned and polished re-vamping them into beautiful artistic designs. 

We're also doing our bit to reduce our plastic use. We are engaging in responsible production by ensuring all our items are sent in fully recyclable packaging materials.

If making any returns, please send us the items back in the packaging you received them in, that way we can ensure minimal usage, and the materials will be recycled responsibly.